America's Finest Hour

President Reagan's award winning documentary about The Founding of the "Shining City on a hill"

Hanna Publishing is honored to be the exclusive provider of President Ronald Reagan's "America's Finest Hour".   


Our Founding Fathers created the Constitution as the foundation and guiding light for what makes this country great.  America's Finest Hour communicates the sanctity of the Constitution, while delivering a powerful lesson in the appreciation of our country's history and sacrifice.

In America's Finest Hour, Reagan brings texture to the Constitution and humanizes our Founding Fathers and the sacrifices they made like nothing you have seen before.  


Backed by the infinite wisdom of our Founding Fathers and the legacy they created, we know you will thoroughly enjoy this multi-award winning piece of history.

Help us spread the powerful and historic message of America's Finest Hour.  All Americans, regardless of political affiliation, will be united in the inspiration delivered by Reagan, including our leaders and elected government.

To do this, we have started "Project Finest Hour" with two simple goals.  First, we will send a copy of America's Finest Hour to every elected representative, government official and leader in this country.  This includes all Senators, Congressman, The President and his Cabinet, State and City leaders and more; Reminding them to act selflessly and with the sense of country that drove our Founding Fathers. 

We will publish a list of those who receive America's Finest Hour as well as their feedback.  Feel free to add names to the list or send one directly to your favorite representative.

In addition, we will contribute directly to great organizations that are making a difference for Americans, such as "Homes for Our Troops".

Go to "Project Finest Hour" for more details and feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

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Thomas Jefferson & The Declaration of Independence
Reagan enlivens our sense of history and provides texture like no one else


"One of the most patriotic and inspirational narratives of our time..."


"A masterpiece that should be heard again and again..."


"America's Finest Hour is a living testament of the contribution that art can make to our lives!"


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